"J.Ross would be an awesome member of Congress. J.Ross is the kind of person that I would really love to have to work with because he's a man of integrity, a man of commitment, and I hope you'll join me in helping J.Ross get to Congress."

Congressman Louie Gohmert

“The voters of the 11th Congressional District would be well served with J.Ross Lacy as their Congressman, and I'm excited to announce my endorsement of his campaign. J.Ross will go to Washington to stand with President Trump, build the wall, and fight for our shared conservative values. I am honored to support J.Ross for Congress and stand behind him 100 percent.”

State Senator Dr. Donna Campbell

“I’m honored to endorse J.Ross Lacy for Congress. Texas needs a conservative fighter in Congress who is committed to securing our border, draining the swamp, and standing up for President Trump. J.Ross Lacy is the conservative voice we need in Congress, and I am proud to support his campaign.”

State Senator Brandon Creighton

“J.Ross Lacy is a proven conservative leader and the best candidate to represent Texas's 11th Congressional District in DC. He strongly supports our president and will fight alongside Trump to get things done in Washington -- from securing the border and building the wall to draining the swamp and cutting taxes. That’s why I am proud to endorse J.Ross for Congress and I look forward to working with him on the issues.”

State Senator Dr. Dawn Buckingham

“J.Ross Lacy is exactly the type of Representative we need in Washington, someone with a strong background in business who knows how to create jobs, unleash our economy, and stand firm on securing our border. I am proud to give him my full endorsement. Lacy will be a fierce defender of our oil and gas industry in West Texas from the radical socialists in Congress intent on banning fossil fuels, raising taxes and imposing punitive regulations.” 

Former Midland Mayor Ernie Angelo

"The Green New Deal Democrats have destroyed the coal industry and severely limited fracking and petroleum exploration in many Democrat-controlled states. Their goal is to shut down the Oilfields and their target will be the Permian Basin. To fight them, we must have a Congressman who understands the Oil and Gas Industry and has a track record of fighting for conservative principles. We must have J. Ross Lacy in Congress."

Former State Rep & District Judge Tryon Lewis

"Young Conservatives of Texas are proud to announce our support for J. Ross Lacy for Congress in his election bid for CD 11. With a career as a successful businessman, Lacy will fight for fiscal responsibility and defend conservatism in the heart of the Swamp."

Young Conservatives of Texas


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